Does this MLM lead generating site work?

MLM gateway reviews, does this MLM lead generating site work?

The use of lead generation companies for small businesses is the best way for someone serious about making money in MLM to succeed, but the question is will the MLM gateway platform do the job?

I have been personally using MLM gateway for quite a while and believe that a review was on the cards. Some of my downline in doTERRA have started using this platform while others are still using the more traditional methods have not. I have found that the latter network marketer feels that MLM gateway would be useful for their businesses. At the same time they are the ones that believe as I do that the internet is a future marketing tool for MLM.

MLM gateway simply offers the network marketing professional as well as someone new to the industry the ability to connected with other leaders around the world.

So, why is that so important?

If you have been in network marketing for a short time and have enrolled a small downline it is likely that you have hit a wall. You have realized that not everyone in your downline are as excited and passionate as you are. Some of your downline just get on with building their business, while others realize that running a home business is a bit more work than they originally believed. The main issue is recruiting and prospecting.

  • What do you do when you have spoken to all your family and friends?
  • How do you speak to prospects outside your social circle?
  • How do you find people who are as passionate about network marketing are you are?
  • How do you find MLM leaders?
These are the type of questions I hear almost everyday. Getting the word out about your products or business opportunity can be difficult if you haven't got a recruitment system in place or a list of excited network marketers hungry for success.

"Finally getting leads that are responsive and interested in my opportunity. This platform is amazing.Thank you MLM Gateway" - John Q

The sad reality of the family and friends MLM lead generating method

Unfortunately, within your group of family and friends there are only a few people that will be interested in what you have to offer.

That is a fact!

About 20 years ago, I was asked to write down my prospect list as many before me. I had over 200 names. Surely someone would be interested in working with me or buying my products. Sadly, one reluctantly purchased some products and one joined my business and then bitched and complained until they stopped speaking to me.

Well, I recall my enroller telling me that I only needed to enroll 3 people to my business. What he should have said was that, "I needed to enroll 3 leaders". Enrolling anybody who wants to join your business is fine. However, for your business to grow and for you to earn good money, enrolling leaders is the key to success.

Who are the best type of people to join your business?

  • Those who reach out to me
  • Those who are excited and passionate about running a business from home
  • Those who have already been in network marketing
  • Those who are self starters
  • Those who are already running a business
  • Those who are online or digital marketers
  • Those who see themselves as leaders

This is why, MLM gateway is a great platform for building a network marketing business. MLM gateway is filled with people from all over the world passionate about MLM. Everyone on the platform is in different stages of their business. Some are looking for something new, while others are looking for a second or third stream income. At the same time other members are pitching their own business opportunity in a completely passive way, so you don't feel that it is a hard sale.

“I've tried lots of different "tools" before but never get any good results. Now I'm able to get real leads on a daily basis!” - Stephanie V

What is MLM Gateway?

I have used other online lead generation services in the past with some success, but the main issue was normally that the leads were not specific enough for network marketing. The leads were real, but the prospect were more interested in affiliate marketing and sales work. So, finding a platform that was only for network marketers was a dream come true.

In simple terms, MLM gateway is a online platform that allows network marketers to connected with other network marketing professionals and leaders. This is groundbreaking to be able to reach out to and build a relationships with other MLM leaders who may be considering a new opportunity and this time from you. I am sure I do not need to explain how powerful this type of platform is for anyone in this industry.

So, why would a network marketing leader want to join your business?

That is a great question and the main reason is:

  • If you are on this platform you will already be considered as a network marketing leader
  • Many MLM leaders have three or four income streams so they may see your company as a asset
  • MLM companies change their rules and some leaders see this as a time to move onto another company, possibly yours
Lead generation companies for small businesses

How does this MLM lead generating system work?

Well, to start with MLM Gateway is FREE

Yes, it is FREE and it is even possible to earn some extra money from sharing this platform with others. The main way to use the tools on the platform is via credits. You need credits to purchase advertising hits or to contact other members.

How does someone get credits?

There are four main ways:

  1. Share your MLM gateway affiliate link on social media platforms
  2. Create a totally new business announcements or article (they check to see if this content is anywhere else online)
  3. Recruit others using your MLM gateway affiliate link
  4. Purchase credits
  5. Or upgrade your MLM gateway account
Tip: Business announcements is a great way to earn credits and to share your business with the world.

To join you simply click on the button below and enter your name and a real email address on the form. In a few seconds you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. And that is it, you can get started straight away.

MLM Lead generating

What are the main lead generation strategies MLM gateway offers on their platform?

The MLM gateway back office or dashboard is a simply layout, so it doesn't require any training to learn how this platform works. The system is broken down into seven sections, such as leads, members list, messages, business announcements, advertising, connections and finally, the referral program.


The lead section is how you find prospects interested in the business opportunity or products you have to offer. They have in the passed expressed an interest in your business opportunity.

Member List

The members list is a great place to find people in your area or in a global destination you are interest in prospecting. The information the list offers is their name, region, country, what type of business they are interested in and more importantly what they are not interested in. To reach out to a member, click on the "Contact member" button and send a sort message.


Messages is simply the place you can check all of your messages received via MLM gateway

Business announcements

MLM gateways business announcements is great for a few reasons:

  1. If you have yet to purchase a blog or have a landing page to share your business online business announcements is perfect for you.
  2. You can earn credits towards advertising and reaching out to other members.
  3. Also, many other social media platforms and sharing site do not like having network marketing content on their platforms, business announcements lets you write as much as you like.
  4. Google ranks and indexes business announcements content very well.
  5. Business announcements offers lots of information and tips on network marketing methods for professional and beginners

The advertising platform uses a credits per click system. You can share as many business opportunity ads as your credits can afford. The advertising options are either banner ads or text ads. If you have every placed an banner ad online this will be very simple.

Tip: To make your banner advert to look original, create your own ad on canva


Connections is the section of members that have reached out to you. They may ask you to look at their business or they may ask you about what you are doing. The key is to reply politely and not be rude or disrespectful about whatever they are doing. In addition, regardless if they are interest in your business, this is the opportunity to build a relationship for future ventures by offering marketing tips, ideas or tools that will help them to become successful.

Referral Program

The referral program is the section that allows you to earn credits from referring new members into MLM Gateway. You can also earn money from existing members in your downline if the purchase a membership upgrade or an advertising package. The minimum payout is $100 which can be transferred directly into your bank account.

How to earn credits in MLM gateway lead generation business?

As mentioned, the use of credits is the main strategy in this MLM lead generating system. The credits can be earned in the following ways:

  • When you join MLM gateway you get 5 credits
  • You will get 10 credits every time you refer someone new to your downline
  • Every time you create an original article (400 words or more) of business announcements your get 5 credits

“I have achieved incredible results with this website because I can talk with so many people about my business. This tool is priceless” - Jordan R

MLM gateway reviews pros and cons

Nothing is perfect, but form my experience and the positive results I have got from using MLM gateway, I can say that it does what it says it can do.


  • The leads are FREE
  • They are qualified network marketing leads
  • There is no fear that you will be band for sharing your network or affiliate marketing business on this platform
  • MLM gateway is great for driving traffic to your exiting webpage
  • Business announcements is great for backlinking your existing content.
  • Using business announcements to promote your business opportunity
  • Using banner ads to promote your business opportunity
  • Offering MLM gateway to prospects before your over your prime business helps you build that first contact relationship and portrays you as someone who offer valve in any future relationship.
  • Using free credits for advertising
  • Upgrade at anytime


  • Many MLM gateway members are searching for leads to join their existing opportunity
  • Sometimes there are some spammy programs in the platform to be aware of
  • Business announcements take about 24 years to approve

"I signed up few weeks ago with MLM Gateway and I'm getting leads and traffic to my website every day since then!" - Shelley B

Is MLM gateway lead generation software a scam?

From my experience NO!

Since I have been using MLM gateway, everything works and I have received the money I earned. The money was sent directly to my bank account. As you might have guessed for any affordable lead generation services called MLM gateway there is a network marketing element to it. In this case it works. All the rest of the tools in the previous sections are easy and effective use and a great part of your marketing arsenal.

How to generate leads for small business including MLM?

As an entrepreneur, network marketer, online marketer. eBook author, podcaster and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate for many years my experience with MLM gateway is very hopeful. I found that MLM gateway is great as apart of my toolbox of methods I use for marketing my business opportunity. The most effective tools in MLM gateway is the business announcements and reaching out to people on the member List.

Tip: Creating a 400 word business announcements as a short overview of some existing content such a blog content, landing page, video or podcast is a very powerful way to business your business and share your products.

Tip: It costs only 1 credit to contact someone on the member List, so reach out to them and add a short message and maybe a link and see what happens.

“I spend a lot of time here. It takes some work, but it's definitely worth it. I can recruit 3-5 people every week with your system” - Kiley P

Conclusion to MLM lead generating review

I personal use all forms of lead generation for my business. I try new ones all the time and if they work and are simple to use I add them to my list of tools and services if not I let it go and find something new. MLM gateway is an exception, because it is simply and it worked and you can't ask more than that.

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